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"Live From Outer Space" is the umbrella under wich comedian John F. O'Donnell, a.k.a. ME creates comedy.  I HATE to call it my 'brand' because that word has more of a connotation of 'selling' myself compared to 'expressing' myself.  And, yes, I'm acutely aware of how LAME ASS it is to use the word 'expressing.'  BUT FUCK IT, that's what I'm doing!!!  I'm trying my best to make sense out of my life and out of the world in this newfound information age.  I'm obsessed with the human condition and I dig deep into my pain and share that in a fucking funny way.  That's not easy to do.  And I'll be goddamned if I'm going to reduce that hard, life consuming work to the word 'brand.'  (Note: I also make a lot of silly-ass shit, so I'm not a totally pretentious, self-important egomaniac, just mostly...hahaha)

I currently have 7 audio EPs of my stand up available for digital download.  They're all 15-20 minute sets.  So it's over an hour and a half of material all together.  And I would define the recordings as being 'Medium-Fi.'  They're defintely MP3 quality and they sound good, but they're not professionally recorded.  I decided a while back that just because I don't have the resources to record professionally, doesn't mean I'm going to be stopped from releasing content.

So I use the 'Radiohead' model a.k.a. the 'Pay What You Want' model.  You can take the albums for free if you so choose. But you can 'contribute' any amount of money that you want, if you appreciate what I do.  Notice I use the word 'contribute' compared to 'donate.' I NEVER use the word 'donate.' You're not making a charitable donation to me. You're making a fucking righteous contribution to me, so I can continue to be a comedian.

That's the pardigm shift of our times, and it's BRILLIANT and AWESOME because it puts the power of choice in the hands of the fans. BUT it also gives you guys a RESPONSIBILITY to take care of the artists that you love, if you can afford to do so. Otherwise you'll be reduced to keeping 'Two and Half Men' and content of that ilk wildly popular for the majority of your lives. 

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“John F. O’Donnell is one of the more explosive comics in New York. On stage, he’s like a tightly capped liter of soda filled with lit fireworks. He recently recorded his own album, Live From Outer Space, and is distributing it himself for free. The album does a great job of capturing John’s stage presence as he talks about God, failure and inadequacy. Many comics are choosing to create and distribute their own content online, and the question that always comes up is, “Well, if it’s not coming out through a mainstream source, is it actually worth listening/watching?” In this case it totally is. What, are you going to listen to on your iPod? Queen? Listen to John instead!”   - Comedy Central Insider