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Mentally ILL-Matic EP

'Mentally ILL-Matic' is John F. O'Donnell's ramblings about being manic. It's a single track 18 min. set he did at The Creek and The Cave on June 20th 2011 on a show called 'Called Us Crazy' where comedians were asked to talk about their disorders. This EP is the seeds for a yet to be named, organized or performed solo show. Enjoy this raw, secret genesis of what may come to be. This truly is the tip of the iceberg.

Once again, JFOD is implementing the 'Pay What You Want' model. You can download the EP for $5 or contribute more if you can afford to. Suggested donation is $1,000,000.

And if you don't have Johnny O'Donny's 'Live From Outer Space' EP series, you can download those as well. (Note: A limited amount of tangible copies of LFOS w/ lots of added material including 'God's Plan 20%' may be released sometime in 2012!!!)

The 'Mentally ILL-Matic' original cover art is made by the brilliant Stephanie O'Donnell. She's not related to John, as far as we know. Lucky for her.

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